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This Number is a land line number calling from Cumming, Georgia

Who Called Me From 770-406-6572?


Calling saying that they have my name social and DOB
No Response:
Right same here, BUT notice they didn't even ask for a name? They have no idea who they are calling..phishing for info.
5 years ago


todd johnsoncalled saying has ss# and other info personal problem is they called a business line


Says his name is todd johnson and they have my ssn dob and other info involved in an accident to contact him within the next 24 hours. This is a phishing scam to try and get your personal info for identity theft. DO NOT give them even your name!
No Response:
Just got the same call on my Tracfone....they didn't address a name or asked for a name, just said (recording) Todd Johnson, stating my name, DOB, SS# was involved with a serious alligation, to call him back and this would involve other people....blah blah blah...very phoney I think.

5 years ago


I got a call from this clown, who calls himself Todd Johnson, also. I smell a scam rat! He will be reported to the Georgia Attorney General's office.


Called my cell phone and left a voicemail stating he was Todd Johnson and my name SSN and DOB were involved in some serious allegations. Didn't state my name or any information that would make me believe he actually knows who I am. Scam!


Got the same exact msg as everyone else doesn't
Seem to know my name. Just a Scam


Got the same message. Went straight to VM. Didn't answer. Very annoying. Scam.


Same thing I even have my cell blocked and still try to scam me!


He’s going by Dave as well
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