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This Number is a land line number calling from Edmonton

Who Called Me From 780-413-7775?


This is health center trying to contact you about medical private results. It is recommended to call them during the day 9 to 4:45. Trust me, it's for your best health interest that you call them back.


This number is a scam. Claims to be from a health agency in Alberta. Contacted me on Facebook on repeated occasions, insisting that I call them to discuss important medical results. First... I don't live in Alberta... Second... I haven't gone to any medical clinic since I was a child that entailed any results. I asked how she knew that she had the right person since you cannot verify anyone's identify on social media when their contact info is private, and she couldn't tell me. Couldn't give me her employee number either or any sort of identification aside from her name being Jess. Gave me a runaround about how sometimes people use fake names on social media and can be mismatched accidentally. Now tell me THAT isn't a huge liability! I contacted the Alberta Health Services themselves and they verified that this was not one of their representatives and that they will be investigating. Be cautious of this number.


These are people lying about an affiliation with a large insurer that does not exist, trying to do medical research on poor people for cut rate prices. They CAN NOT BE TRUSTED, PERIOD. The stuff they do and say is just completely beyond what is normal and acceptable in the industry, which makes them seem very dangerous... and they will lie to get you to meet up with them, like predators... which they are.
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