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This Number is a land line number calling from Miami, Florida

Who Called Me From 786-522-7592?


Called our office stating he is a Dr. returning our Dr.s call. I did a name search and he isnt listed in the entire state of Florida and my boss said he never called him. Assume it is a telemarketer, heard giggling and phones in the background.
My name is WILLIAM JAVIER CHAVARRIA and I was returning a phone call

5 years ago

None Ya

Guy calls here and asks to speak to the doctor (he actually stated my doctor's last name, but I am not sharing that), when I told him that the Dr is with a patient and that I'd be happy to take a message, he stated that he is returning my doctors phone call and that his name was Joe, but it showed up on the caller ID as JAMES GOULD, when I told him that the Dr was with a patient and that I could not pull him out of the room, he hung up! WHAT A LOSER!
Exactly our experience today!
4 years ago


Called asking for me by name, I am a physician, receptionist said he acted like he knew me, never heard of Joe Doyle in my life. They told him I was busy, asked that I call him back. Looks like some spam operation calling docs offices.

Dr X

Have received several calls from this number to my personal private cellphone. As a physician (located in FL), I don't publish this number so I don't know how they got it. Reading this and other websites, this is apparently a scam involving medical professionals originating in Miami. Drs beware!

Dr Y

Just as above, I am a physician and received a call from this number on my private unlisted cell phone. I rejected the call and no message was left. Given these comments, this should be officially investigated.

Dr Z

I am also a physician practicing in Florida. I got a call from this number on my cell. I didn't answer and no message was left. Only commenting because my experience is similar to others.
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