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Who Called Me From 786-703-4968?

Xfinity customer

I received at text message from this number today indicating that Xfinity had taken a huge amount for my bill. This is not my billing cycle and it was double the amount I usually pay. I confirmed with Xfinity that the amount and payment were bogus. The file attached to the text message takes you right to "Xfinity". I suspect it was a phishing scam and I did not use the link to check my account. Watch out for this one!
I got a text from this number telling me that a friend (used her name) and 17 others had mentioned me in a Facebook post, with a link to Facebook to sign in. I don't have Facebook, but my sister did post about me and a lot of people responded. How did they know it was me from Facebook? How did they get my number? Very strange, but yeah do not believe anything from this number.
1 year ago
I don't have an xfinity account, and frankly I don't even know what it is. But somehow they drafted over $400 from my account? I'll be watching my bank statement very closely over the next few days...
11 months ago


I received a text from this number “We removed your Facebook post because it contains abusive content” and gave a link that looks like a Facebook login. I DID NOT LOG IN WITH THIS LINK.
11 months ago


Abusive content removed, with a login for trainingpups.com
Same - and Firefox blocks the site as containing dangerous matter. Kind of obvious for those of us who don't post on Facebook.
11 months ago
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