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Who Called Me From 800-235-3640?

Laura Jean

If someone calls you from this number, it's to tell you that you've won either $1,100,000.00 or 30 years of $36,666.67. Then they tell you you haven't won just yet, but they're going to send you FREE watches - a man's and woman's with a "genuine" diamond at the 12:00 position. then they start the pitch about sending you 3 magazines for only $1.29 per week and want your credit card or checking account information. I made them so angry by continuously telling them I didn't want any of the offered magazines that they guy actually yelled at me, told me I was being rude and I wouldn't let him finish his sentences. That's, right, buster.... you called to harass ME and try to get my personal banking information from me and you call me rude???? You BET!!! He kept saying he would get his supervisor to help me with MORE OPPORTUNITIES... I kept telling him to get the supervisor, and then he started calling me names! Actually, it was kind of fun. BUT - these people are obviously scam artists! Be really careful or you'll end up with HUGE payments withdrawn from your checking account or on your credit card.
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