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Who Called Me From 800-279-9301?

John Doe

Caller claims to be associated with Wells Fargo. We don't bank with them and they called out of the blue. I couldn't find any official Wells Fargo webpage that lists this number. Probably a scam.
Actually, this is Wells Fargo Bank. Specifically, it is a 'welcome center' auto-dialer for new loan accounts. For me, it was a courtesy call about a new car loan. Very friendly and helpful staff.
4 years ago


Just received a call from them and I didn't answer. Then I called back and the recording said thank you for calling wells Fargo dealer services. I recently financed a used car from them. So its probably wells Fargo


Yep, read response above, and I had just bought a car. Called them back and confirmed account info.
I answered that number with “911 what’s the address of your emergency?” To which they still asked for me. I requested their address a second time and the nature of their emergency. They responded with a “sh*t there’s no emergency I have the very wrong number”.....then hung up...
1 year ago
that's what mine was also:
that was the reason for my call as well.
1 year ago


This number is a legitimate number for Wells Fargo Bank. I recently financed a new car, and they were calling to make sure I had no questions, and to verify the purchase. I commented to them that I didn't answer at first because no message was left. It is an auto-dialer. The helpful, friendly representative took my comment and said she would pass it on to management.

Jane Doe

This number called me once yesterday and once today. They left no messages for me. I really do not know why they would be calling me. I have never used any Wells Fargo services, as there are no local branches in my area.


This number calls me, doesn't leave a message if I don't answer, but when I do answer, there is a silent period, then the call ends. I have a new car loan so it would make sense that it's a welcome call but jeez. They could at least leave a message.

Jane Doe

This number has called me 6 times in the past three days, sometimes in the middle of the night. I have not answered and they have left no messages. I have never financed a car, nor have I ever banked with Wells Fargo. I have no idea why this number keeps calling me, but it's EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Next time I'm answering, and I'd better get a human being to take my number off their list, because I do NOT belong there.

Lena G.

I answered the call and it's a courtesy call from Wells Fargo financial loan. I recently purchased a car and they just call to say thank you and congrats on your new car.

Janie Doe

My husband got a call from this number. I recently purchased a new vehicle and was financed by Wells Fargo. My husband is not on the loan, nor is his cellphone number listed anywhere on the loan paperwork. Funny they would be calling him and not me. They haven't called our home land-line either. Maybe that's because both my cellphone and the landline are on the "Do Not Call" list.
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