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Who Called Me From 800-369-4887?


They called and stated they were fraud services in behalf of BMO, but I called my bank and they said they don't outsource that to anyone, so I'm pretty sure this is a scam.


They called me and sent text message at 5th Fri they got myour debit card and made 15 transactions thankfully my bank caught and closed my card


Our Bank does not outsource! This call was not from them. They Called my husbands cell number, which our bank does not have as primary number. This was the first clue that this company was a fraud. Sounds really legit, so don't fall for it! Verified scam


I received a text saying to call this number regarding potentially fraudulent activity. When I called, they verified some recent transactions raising a fraud alert and there were indeed some transactions I had not authorized. I followed up with my bank immediately and they did confirm all of what the CSR at this 800# had said and that they had rejected the transactions


Put me down for FRAUD on this number. They messaged my cell phone about a credit card that I haven't used in over six months. I stopped using the card because the issuing bank gave me a new card and new account number. When I got the new card I didn't activate it. I NEVER used the new card and I NEVER used the original card again. Fast forward to last month. I bought a new iPhone and paid for it with a different credit card (that card is not at issue). My old phone is still active so I have used the new phone only a few times and HAVE NOT YET GIVEN THE NEW NUMBER TO ANYONE!!!!! Someone pulled my name


NOT A SCAM. Have spoken with them on 3 different occasions; twice the activity they wanted to verify was legit, but one time, it was fraud. Talked with my bank about them. This company monitor credit and debit card activity for thousands of financial institutions around the country. They are just trying to protect your card and your money. If BMO said they don't outsource this service, then the person you spoke with was not in a position to know this information. BMO is one of their largest clients, as are TD Bank and Capital One and many others. Don't ignore their call if you get one.

S Scott

NOT A SCAM!! This is a legit phone number and call!! Had an attempted fraudulent transaction for $528 at a Walmart, which this Fraudulent Service Center had rejected. Take heed if you receive an email stating they will be calling. Could save you big bucks!!
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