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Who Called Me From 800-383-5717?


A week ago this number kept calling every 5 minutes until we finally answered the phone. Claimed to be Wells Fargo Transaction Fraud Support. A message was taken and I later called Wells Fargo at the number on back of our card and were told nothing was noted on our account.

Today the same number called again claiming they were from Wells Fargo. The woman I spoke to sounded convincing, but wasn't able to answer questions to my satisfaction. She claimed a check was written appearing to come from our account and was being cashed by another individual at a different bank. I told her I had already contacted Wells Fargo and that nothing was noted on the account. She tried to convince me that because this was a slightly different type of situation it wouldn't be noted on the account. I then asked that if she was calling from Wells Fargo and knew that this was fraud, then why are they calling to tell me about it yet nothing is noted in our account? She kept trying to talk circles around me, at which point I told her I needed to check on something and call back. She gave me the phone number and a reference number to return the call to.

I then called Wells Fargo again and explained what had just happened. I was told that Wells Fargo does have a Fraud Department but that this number is not one of theirs. If there had been some type of suspected fraudulent activity in our account there would have been a notation on the account, regardless of what type of fraud it was. I was then told to forward the number and reference number I was given to their fraud department: ReportPhish@WellsFargo.com

Sorry but you're wrong. I had the same thing happen to me and though the same as you and brushed it off. The next day, I had a call from a wf branch, and someone had printed fake checks off of my account. I called that 800 back, and spoke with a dude, and sure enough that WAS the second attempt in a city like 45 mins away from me. So this IS one of their fraud numbers. They said it was transaction fraud support I believe.
5 months ago


I was called today at work from the same number 18003835717. Told a deposit made to my account was a scam and to stop talking to the person who supposedly took the money. They were going to put ahold on my account until I opened another one.


Got two calls, the first time, they knew my full name, but I told them I knew that this was a fraud phone call. I then called Wells Fargo (WF) to report it. WF said assured me that there is nothing wrong with the account and that this 800-383-5717 number was not legit. Meanwhile they called back and left a message: "Hello my name is zzzzz, i am calling from Wells Fargo and this message is for xxxxx. Please give me a call back at 800-383-5717 again that's 800-383-5717 with reference number yyyy again that's yyyy. It is regarding a deposit made to a Wells Farge custom's account that we believe may have been deposited fraudulently. If you could please give us a call, we'll be more that happy to assist you going forward. We are open Monday thru Friday, from 9AM to 7PM eastern standard time and 9AM to 8PM Saturdays. Thank you and have a great day."


Got a phone call from this guy Andrew claiming he's from Wells Fargo.
He said there is a suspicious wired transaction in my account.
I don't even have Wells Fargo account!
For sure it's a fraud!

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