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Who Called Me From 800-396-7587?


i will awnser next time and play sanic music in background and scream as loud as i can in phone FULL PROOF PLAN


What is the point of calling if you aren't going to leave a message. I DO NOT under any circumstance answer unidentified callers, blocked numbers, or private numbers. If you do not want me to know who is calling then I WILL NOT ANSWER. Years ago I would have but over the last few years the unsolicited sales calls have gotten out of hand. This is a cell phone so calling it to solicit business is a violation of the TCPA and it is listed on the DNC list. Bottom line no one follows the rules.
Any business that is a partner with ANY business you give your number to (cell or landline)is exempt from DNC. By giving ANYONE your number you are giving them AND their partners to call.
4 years ago

Jessica B

QCF debt collection
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