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Who Called Me From 800-423-7618?


Claims it's from Wells Fargo's fraud department
Michelle from Wells Fargo Fraud 1-800-423-7618. Called Wells Fargo said not them. Dont give them anything
4 years ago


Can verify- it is a scam!

Not going to be victim


Recently my card info was stolen. Now this number calls and is the fraud department and asks for my FULL credit card number right off the bat. Ummmm...that's not how the banks do it anymore. Called the bank and they confirmed that this number is not a legit number.


june,2019. called wells fargo ( not using number listed on letter), rep. from wells fargo said its not them and must be a scam.
I just called Wells Fargo and they said it was a legitimate claims number.
1 year ago
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