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Who Called Me From 800-469-1635?


No phone call, but got postal mail with this number. Mail shows "last final notice" Tax lien filed, with a "settlement amount".


In calling the number, there was a disconnect after just a few rings.


Fake Tax Board / Fake IRS

Thanks, I received the same thing and didn't know whether to call or trash.
4 years ago
Scam I'm all paid in full to irs still getting mail. Scam!!
4 years ago


I just called it, the voice has an Indian accent, So. I just hung up!


Just received the same notice in the mail soooooo bogus


Got this in the mail as well. Called it call went to voicemail after a few rings. Name on mail says Federal Tax Authority. Never heard of such an agency. Fake


Recieved same mail today in kentucky, thanks for the info about SCAM

Mother Knows Best

I just received the lien notice (oxymoron) "Last Final Notice" mail also. I don't know what kind of scam it is, but I don't want to be bothered. It says it is from "State Taxing Authority" whoever that is. After I read the small print "We are not associated with nor part of the IRS or any state agency". I threw it away. Said I was pending Wage garnishment and bank account and asset seizure if I didn't call to make payment arrangements with them. They said I owe someone in the county, city, and state I live in $8,105.00 but they will settle the account for $811.00.

It's a scam because I don't owe anyone anything, and I never received a first notice or last notice before I received this "Final Last Notice". It doesn't say who filed the lien or who I'm supposed to owe. Checked my credit report and never owed anyone that amount. They never mention the name of the "Agency" they represent, but listed the hours to call as 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST. No legitimate federal or state agency works those hours, and I live in the EST zone--not the PST zone.

Hope they get caught because I'm sure some poor soul will believe it and send them money.


I got the same notice addressed to someone who hasn't lived here in 10 years. I called asked who is this and they hung up on me. Total scam.


I got one of those letters today. I knew it was fake because everything I do with Taxes and such goes through my tax attorney. I called the State of Arizona State Tax Division (where I live) and reported the scam. They said never call those numbers because they are always a SCAM and NEVER SEND THEM ANY MONEY. I also reported it to the post office here in Arizona for mail-fraud.


My elderly mom got one of them in the mail and freaked out because it said she owed over $30k and was the final notice before garnishment. She hasn't owed property in Tulsa County for years and didn't owe any taxes. Really crappy to send something like this to an elder who is on a fixed income she was afraid they were gonna take her ssd and she wouldn't have anything to live on. I hope someone does something about them this is ridiculous.


Just called the number knowing I don't owe any funds to federal or state agencies. A woman answered the phone and I told her I'm ready to settle. When I asked which governmental entities am I endebted to she could not tell me. The letter was sent out of Oceanside, CA.


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