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Who Called Me From 800-556-1212?

mrs v

Called my cell phone @9:30 p.m. @ night. would not say anything when I answered the phone. I called the number back and the voice mail stated the mailbox was full. I have blocked them from calling my cell.

alcira marut

This men is asking for my husband he said he wants to now about my husband order .My husband is dead for 8 months .I said was really mad
I said did he order from the grave / and he hung up.


Been getting calls from this number for a while at all times of day and night. You know some people have to get up extremely early for work. Receiving calls like this after 11 pm is totally insane!!!All of the calls except one were silent upon answering. The one call that did have any speech, was totally understandable with a lot of background noise. Blocking number


These people has called my number 4 times today asking for a patrick I have told them several times no such person at this number and they keep calling.


called back and it said a non working number
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