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Who Called Me From 800-589-4865?


Chrisandra at extention 11342 wanted me to renew my TV warranty which I know for certain I never paid for an extended warranty on a TV that small. She did have info on my account without me telling her anything other than a name. However, the warranty expired 8 days ago and ABC wants to extend that warranty for only $57 a year and if I select the 2 year warranty option they will throw in an extra year for FREE! HOT DOG that sounds like a deal!!! Wait for it! But there is a catch!!!! BECAUSE the warranty is out and expired 8 days ago, it's only going to cost you $14 extra. For what I asked - well that's to cover those 8 days! WHAT???? Those days are gone, done and over with. A thing of the past. They should have called me 9 days ago to tell me this crap. I told her no thank you. Then she tried to tell me that my other big TV is going to run out of warranty in 3 years we can renew that one too. I told her I would cross that bridge when I came to it in 3 years. Plus its better to pitch the broken one out and go buy a new one. TVs are cheap today. She stated we can get this all taken care of today for you all you have to do is give me your Social Security Number!!!

AH I DON'T THINK SO!!!! and I hung up!

Please be careful people!!! Do not give your Social Security number to anyone over the phone. These people are scammers and are looking for people they can trick into getting valuable information.

ABC Warehouse
1 year ago
Thank you for your review. Hilarious and very helpful after I just got a VM from the same number.
6 days ago
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