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Who Called Me From 800-822-4475?


inter tel aka fantasy phone
Based in Texas. female call center takes the billing info and connects you to the 'fantasy girl' it is 2 bucks a minute.

No Man

totally waste of time

tony the tiger

back in the day like 10 yrs ago it was quality. last few yrs total carp, call center girls are rude and arrogant. they take your name and billing info credit card or check acct. and some girl call you back thru their phone system, four numbers appears on your caller i.d. IT IS THEM, THEY BILL $2.00 PER MINUTE. found out recently it is $3.00 bucks a min now. waste of money for the inferior service. no pics, no info on the girl. if you want a 25 yr old blonde, how interesting one calls.
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