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Joe Sampson:

This is a tax resolution firm and they contacted me because I asked for help online with my tax debt. They have an A rating with the BBB and licensed professionals visible online. Its Legit.

Same here, at least 4 calls per day with no message left.
orlando vincent:

they call me 3-4 times from different numbers threaening my job

TD bank if you over drafted the acct.

Whoever this is calls at least once a day and I'm sick of it. I answered one time and they said my car loan had been approved! LOL I told them not to call again! I'm on DNC list and that s worthless. I just don't answer the phone when they call.

Harries and Zide debt collection attorney

I have a computer shop and I am getting a lot of people calling me about this. It's a company saying they are informing you of a computer issue. They ask for a payment to fix the issue. I have had one customer after I told her to call her bank to call me back in tears over what she was told. They are using a Google, Yahoo, At&t like home page to make my customers feel they can trust them. Another thing, most of the customers calling me are elderly customers leading me to think they are getting infected with something from a site the elderly have is common.

This is a debt collector threatening some legal action for someone who does not live at my address. Because I have an unusual last name as the person they are looking for, they call my number.

Calls from this number come every day four to five times a day .

this number calls me every day four to five times a day when I checked the call it came back as : Penn Credit Corp.

800-207-8767 is the Debt Collection Department of Sovereign Bank based at 450 Penn Street, Reading, PA 19602 - in a Call Room.

If the debtor has registered a Home phone, an Office number, and/or a Cell phone they will call, even if you are not yet 30 days past due. They use an automated dialing sytem that displays 800-207-8767 on your caller ID, but NOT Soverign Bank. If you answer the automted call it will identify itself as coming from Sovereign Bank and state your name. They will next prompt your response to a debt collection person, if you are the person they are trying to call. If you do not answer the automated call, as I did not, then their dialing machine will keep calling back, as many as 8 times in a day. I do not answer any calls from 800 numbers or from Out of Area, So it was only later after being harrassed by their repeated dialing that I found out it was Sovereign Bank trying to collect $58 that was not yet 30 days past due. They even tried to collect an Annual renewal fee of $25 that was on a statement they had not yet mailed (deceptive) I went to my local Sovereign Bank, paid account in full, Since there was a small amount still due (less than $40)(The $25 renewals fee and some interest) I called the 800 number and asked them for the remaining balance. They told me they could mail a statement that would arrive within 2 weeks that would reflect the remaining amount due -or- for $25 they could FAX it to me. I declined their generous offer and will now close the account at the local branch. This said I did draft and mail letter of complaint to:

• Federal Trade Commission
• Office of the Attorney General – Boston
• Office of the Attorney General – Southern Region - New Bedford
• Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations – Boston
• Division of Banks

This number belongs to Stellar Recovery, a collections concern. When you phone this number you are met with a prerecorded message that congratulates you for calling. The message goes on to say that you are have won a spectacular two day and two night cruise to the Bahamas where you will enjoy unlimited dining in four different restaurants, a spa, etc. Your only cost is a port charge for $59.00 per person and that is payable with your credit card TODAY. Wow, just my lucky day or is it?

Very VERY irritating. Get a call from this number at least 4 times per day, answer it at least 2 times to ask them not to call me but ALWAYS have nobody on the other end. Hangs up instantly.

Left no message. When I called back it was some sort of chat line ("Ladies press 1; Guys press 2"). No way to opt out or get a human. Ugh
Karma I Abitz:

SKIP ALL THE OTHER POSTS (sorry all). JUST READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the answer. This lame-ass company is called ACTIMIZE. HERE'S what you need to know:

Actimize is a LEGIT (but they're jerks) 3rd party company who, acting on behalf of many banks, serves as the "FRAUD DETECTION" party. Basically, if you have a $2 charge, they ....get this...FREEZE YOUR ACCOUNT.... and you get screwed on all your bills. What's worse is it's completely as*s-backwards:

FIRST, they call and leave an automated message: "We're calling on behalf of your financial institution concerning your debit or ATM card. Please return this call at 800-830-1925. Again, that number is..."

SECOND, I come here and similar sites (which are great, thank you) and a lot of people (understandably) say "don't reply. it's a phishing scam" (means so that you call back and give up some of your valuable security info)....so I didn't call....and I got screwed on a lot of bills and late charges. So I called my bank (One West Bank...one of the companies that STUPIDLY chooses this "Actimize" company)...and my bank transfers me to them. I speak with this ROYAL BITCH called RENE BELCHER who shouldn't be within 100 miles of a customer. She KEPT talking over me for 5 minutes and kept NOT listening to all the things I was saying, but kept answering questions I wasn't even asking, and then kept saying "I can't keep going back and forth with you" (you know, all getto, like before the recession, the way AT&T or Verizon treats their customers in the inner city? you know what I mean).

Anyway, she literally hangs up on me after constantly interrupting, and giving me WRONG information. She says there was I needed to verify 3 transactions: Google, Macy's and one from a $2 charge. The Google charge was $500 and it was every 2 weeks forever! They could CLEARLY see that if they did their job. The Macy's was right here in my HOME TOWN!!! Both of them showed on my statement and i verified those. The $2 one (which I think they just make up in their system to justify their existence!!) was NOT EVEN ON MY CARD. I told her "then I definitely don't recognize that one. So, she kept ove


Qwest(Century Link) Customer Service

I recently got this number from a friend of mine for student loan consolidation.

She used this company (sorry, haven't called them yet so don't have a name) and said they were super helpful and helped her eliminate a lot of bad debt from student loans in regards to late fees and interest that had accumulated during a hard financial time she went through.

As I know more about them, I'll be glad to post more for y'all. :)
Bob Smith:

A collection company

MRS Associates Inc.
3 Executive Campus, Suite 400
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Toll-free:(888) 334-5677 Fax: (856) 486-1529.

312-985-0022 312-985-0023 312-985-0024 312-985-0021
832-632-4584 and 832-667-5566
800-932-5786 800-932-5796

They have "local" numbers in many cities, including another from| 713-574_xxxx

Trying to collect their money they lent you, plus a whole lot of interest.

Call about address not being correct (post office has indicated...)

AAA Automobile Club Of So Ca
401 E Main St Ste 101
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 299-0904 (800) 361-6726

Used this link to lookup the phone number:


Remedy group to refinance a mortgage

So. Cal. Edison Co. Regarding enrollment of their Cares program. A discount on power bill for low income. Great plan for seniors or those on SS only.

800-503-6145 is some kind of telemarketer selling some kind of membership for $19.95 a month. I couldn't understand the name of the company from the recorded message.

This Company is Colonial Way Home Services. They COMPLETELY IGNORE THE DO NOT CALL LIST and continually Call even when told to STOP. I report EVERY call to the DO Not Call Website and have made a Police Report to see if Someone can make them abide by the LAW. Beware they maybe just trying to get access to your house to rob you!!!

This company is called PennCredit. They are a collection agency out of MD.

They keep calling our In-Laws instead of us. Our phones are not unlisted and we have NEVER lived at their address. We were unaware that Intermedix (the ambulance billing company) had a problem with our payment until the ILs started getting these calls. I contacted the Fire Department, made the payment, and informed them of the illegal practices of this hired vendor. Maybe if enough people complain to the companies hiring these folks, they will either comply with the law or go out of business. Remember; always complain about illegal collection practices to the company who referred your account to them (even if you owe money). The reason that I paid the FD directly is that these agencies get a big chunk of every dollar that they collect and I would prefer that my money go to pay the salaries of the men and women of the FD who helped us and not these law breakers.


NO message left

christy williams, i think she said shes with mountain paper really couldnt understand what she was saying then hung up quickly!!!

This call is from Springleaf Financial

call center representing Winona Health business office.

Worse than a call, this was in my Discover card download with a zero amount. It ususally means a card is being registered and tested. I will also see if the credit card company can find out, since it's on my account.

Call from different numbers daily.....never leave message. Searched elsewhere and found it is "Alititude Funding" or something.....scam collection agency from what I gather. Must be, I don't owe anything.

Repo company Roquemore & associates

This has been a repeat series of calls from this number 1-800-331-6769. When I have answered each time, the caller hangs up each time. This has gotten very old. I have used services included in my telephone service to block this number, but honestly, I should not have to do so.

If this was a neighborhood kid playing the hang up game, that's one thing (and still annoying), but for this to be I assume a telemarketer or someone who has purchased lists of phone numbers in hopes to increase their business; calling numbers and then hanging up when someone answers is not the way to do so.

Keep dialing my number people, and I will continue to block you all!

Sick of these calls that come in at all hours of the day and night regardless of my number being registered on the NDNCR (National Do Not Call Registry), to include when my children and I are in bed sleeping (well after the midnight hour). Not only have you been blocked, but yet another of many reports has been filed against you with the NDNCR just prior to my finding this site to warn others who may be prey to your ludacris and annoying techniques.

Keeps calling every hour, no answer, hangs up