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This Number is calling from S Salt Lake, Utah

Who Called Me From 801-738-0477?


I keep getting calls from 801-738-0477 asking for Lauro saying that they are calling from the IRS. I called back asking what they want and I was told that it was late to call back and that the cops were on the way to arrest me. I told them okay, thank you and have a good day.


I also received a call from this number claiming that I owed taxes to the IRS, I haven't returned the call yet but I will to see what these a**holes say to me


I received a call today looking for my daughter saying they were from the IRS. The guy was Indian and said his name was Jordan Phillips. He told me to have my daughter call back. My understanding is that the IRS always sends notices by mail.not phone???
Me as well I today got this call saying that a illegal matter was upon me. I was like M*
4 years ago


I have gotten 2 phone messages from this number also, Indian accent by the name of Jordan Phillips. I was freaking out at first until I realized that I have never done anything illegal, in regards to the IRS. And you would think if it was a legal matter you would get a certified letter. Remember guys, never give out your personal information over the telephone. Spread the word though ;-)


Same for me Jordan with the indian accent wanted to shake me down for a drastically reduced offer on my back taxes. When I told him I'd pay it as soon as i received the offer in writing he insisted I had to pay it over the phone now or no deal. Bells went off then. I told him I'd get back to him and thats what brought me here. I'll call him back now with more then a few choice words.
Scumbag didnt wait for me to call back He called back in this number
8016051816 I called him a few choice names and he hung up

3 years ago


I just got this call from this number and it was the same thing - the IRS calling and to call them back right away. When I called it was just a voicemail with no name and asking me to leave a message. Totally a scam


Just got the call from this number minutes ago stating it is urgent that I call that number back from the IRS. Yea sure, I am not a sap and am aware they NEVER call, they only send the letters.


Got the same call. Voicemail states IRS. Nothing but a scam.


Just got a call and the caller ID said name was Keisha Tucker - recorded/computerized voice message from the "I.R.S."
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