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This Number is a land line number calling from Farmington, Utah

Who Called Me From 801-934-3049?


This number keeps calling me. They never keave any messages. I even sent a text, asking who they are, and what they were callig about. No response. So i called the number back, to see who it might be and i got a recorded message saying... " Thank You for holding. A representative will be right with you." This is a HARRASSING TELEMARKETER OF SOME TYPE! Please Block this number at all costs! Don't answer this call ever!
Please excuse my typo... the word is Leave
2 years ago


This number started out calling me 6-7 times a day and I have told them 3 times to NOT call me again. They still call 3 times a day and usually they only let it ring 2 times then hang up. VERY annoying. Some kind of health company. I am going to find out their name and report them to BBB, etc. I am tire after more than a week of this.
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