Who is calling or texting from 803-326-1261?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Rock Hill, South Carolina

Who Called Me From 803-326-1261?


I saw the number on my caller ID. The caller did not left any messages. I decided to call back and spoke with a lady
who said she is trying to confirm my birth date and address. She did not want to identify who she is or the name of her company she works for. She mentioned something about person walking in her office with some personal information.
I smell scam!I told her I am not stupid and hang up.


I received a called from a Kimberely, no last name or company name, she refuse to give any info and I refuse to give her any info as well. If they want a response be more upfront, maybe you will get what you want or I can be helpful in your search for certain information. Please do not ask me to confirm, DOD, SSN, address etc. I will not adhere to that request over a phone to someone I do not know. No matter how legal your business may be. DO NOT CALL MY NUMBER OTHERWISE. Please but your request in writing.
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