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This Number is calling from Columbia, South Carolina

Who Called Me From 803-403-2354?


i rcvd call from 8034032354 claiming to be a lender of some sort and i was approved for a cash loan of 2000$, all i need to do is go to western union and call them to activate the money tracking control number and the money will be sent to my bank account... man this ticks me off because the phone connection is always broken and choppy as well as the agent on the other end is always some foreigner with a hard to understand accent... as i am a truly disabled person who is in ridiculous need of a small loan to help me out i can not afford to be scammed by some (a**hole) taking advantage of people in my situation. damn, i am a 7yr air force vet and worked 10 yrs for verizon broadband prior to a traumatic auto accident that has pretty much destroyed the remainder of my life... i know this comment will go unheard or unread for the most part, but if just one person reads it and learns from it... NOT TO TRUST THESE UNKNOWN PHONE NUMBERS offering a cash loan, THEN DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH TO CONFIRM AND MAKE CERTAIN THAT WHOEVER IS CALLING YOU OFFERING A LOAN ARE LEGIT AND LEGAL.
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