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This Number is a wireless number calling from Columbia, South Carolina

Who Called Me From 803-728-1737?

Shelly James

This is a scam!! Do not call the number back or give out any personal information to the caller. They are just fishing for any info they can get. They leave a message making you think that your name and SSN have already been used and they're trying to help.


This is a scam! They call you over and over. Saying they need to give you papers. If they need to give you papers they can mail them to you not call you. Do not give your info to them.
Melissa, you are awesome!
3 years ago


I got a call from this number a day after a similar call from a different area code. Each time it is the same canned message in two parts - a bot introduces and a voice filling in the name. The first one claimed I had some federal issue I needed to take care of and this claims a civil complaint. They both say they are going to file papers. This seems to be the latest scam going around.


First they were calling from a number in DC now they are calling from South Carolina? Every call is for the same named person. Ray Richmond. I could see if they were asking for someone who actually lived here. I did call back the DC number. I got nothing. Another recording. So aggravating!!! DC number was 202-697-4451. 30 days of multiple daily phone calls.
Mike F:
I called back too. I spoke to a girl named Trina. I knew it was a scam when I called back. I have called them over 30 times. They wont even answer the call anymore. I win!!!!
3 years ago
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