Who is calling or texting from area code 804?
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at least 3 times a day

Phone number shows on the caller ID as a Mechanicsville, VA number; however, the number that the automated call left as a call back number is altogether different. Call back number on the reverse lookup shows to be from a Fortress Management Services (a collection company) from North Palm Beach, FL. This type of phone calls generated by a computer that calls a place of business is annoying to say the least.

I get a call saying this is personal

Professional number. Belongs to some school. I wrong called the number. The guy who answered was sweet! I called by mistake and he helped me find what I was looking for and even answered some questioned I had! I should have asked if he was single!
Bernadette Spitz:

This number has called several times before..804) 479-8106. I do not know them nor have I ever done any type of business with them.

Called me stating I had a $100 gift card, $25 restaraunt voucher and a coupon book worth $2000 in savings... as long as I paid for shipping costs. This is a classic fraud scam fishing for information. IGNORE THIS CALL AND DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION.

harassing text messages

Called and had a very heavy Indian accent. Kept asking if she was speaking to and individual (my name) that lives at an address (not mine). I could not understand most of what she was saying so I asked if there was someone else I could speak with. She just kept repeating the name and incorrect address. I finally had to hang up. I assume this is a telemarketing scam even though I am on the do not call list.

who is calling me from 804-371-0821?

Scam artists claiming to have mother's social security number.

Who keeps calling me from this number they call different days and hours
Lied to:

This lying jerk called Tues. saying he would call back later that day claiming he has an LED TV that he would give me to repair and sell. Nothing was ever heard from him again. I found out he never had the TV he claimed and is known to make prank calls because of being a mental case. I suspected this when he did not know the brand or size of what he claimed. Next time you hallucinate having something you want to give away, call someone else or the one that put you up to this harassing call. NEVER deal with or hire this lying nut!

This number is getting on my nerves.

This number calls me at least once a day. Don't answer numbers I do not know.

Missed call


Just got a call from this number, don't even know anyone from that neck of the woods! (Ignored)

This company is a total joke. The guy on the other end of the line is extremely rude and called after I specifically told them woman not to call again just this morning. Obviously he's desperate to sell his product (Fake Medicare - almost as bad as ambulance chasers) and acts like a little girl when he doesn't get his way. Don't answer the call and deal with this company - they're PATHETIC. You know the drill - they'll call to talk about the Medicare that you don't get so they can magically get you on it even after you tell the person on the other line to take you OFF THEIR LIST.

Answered the call, and was immediately hung up on. I called back and they would not tell me who they were just that they were calling for me and about some account. They asked me to verify my birthdate and I refused since they had not identified themselves, they then hung up on me. I called back again. Before they could "go over any account information" they asked me to verify if a specific date was my DOB and if my last four of my SS was a specific set of numbers. After denying this information I was told my number would be removed and I was hung up on. I proceeded to call again and was denied any information about who they were. This sounds like a scam. Who can I report this to, because they had information on me that I'm not comfortable with them having.
Wack Job Lady:

This lady called me and she wanted help. She left her email basketball405@yahoo.com. I could not found.

It's a scam - ignore it!

definite debt collector

This number a relay for a debt collector.they ask u to hold they have a important personal call n transfer u .just hang up or

Bay Capital Management Group. Shady bill collectors. Do not answer or call back.

Caller asked me if my name was such and such and wanted me to verify my birthdate and last four digits of my social. When I refused to verify that over the phone, she went into this spill how my name was common and she needed to verify my social. That it was an important business matter and to protect myself I needed to verify that information. After repeating that I wouldn't verify that, she told me to hold on and she was going to check to see if should wave the fact I didn't verify and still give me the information about the important business matter. I hung up.

Looking for someone else so I stayed on line to tell a person that they had called the wrong number. This person said my number would be removed. This had to be a bill collector just cold calling from a last name list.

They were looking for someone else and called back several times after the proper response to remove number from their list.

Robocall by a debt collector for an employee here. It said "By listening to this message you are confirming that you are (name) and you should not listen to this message so that other people can hear." I hung up at that point.

Calls from this number without a caller ID tag. Finally called them back to see who they were, and a woman named DeeDee answered the phone and said it was a company called CMC out of Petersburg, VA but would not tell me what CMC stood for or what they did. Reported to the Federal "Do Not Call" list as our phone numbers are registered.

Lots of background noise of people talking, in my honest opinion it is a call room for unethical activities.

this number calls me 4/5 times a day almost everyday. doesnt leave a message.

Indian accented women who only idenitified herself as "Aliza" after I asked. She said she was from Microsoft and I had a virus that needed taken care of. She needed me to type in my password. When asked, she said her ph. # was 804 435 5325, but the caller id registered as 288 918 6555, which has many hits as a bogus phone call, phishing possibly. Hang up.
randy lofgren:

called and wanted to buy a car on a credit card, Discover card and willing to pay fees on the $50,000 purchase. Says he is Dr Chriso Rich and he is on a 3 week cruise to Hawaii says he will call me back with the Card number and I can run it for the total amount. The man speaks in an accent, it is hard to understand him. When I pressedd him about coming in himself to pick up the car he was vague as to when he would come in and said he will have his transporters pic the car up. I will not release the car if the purchaser is not here with ID in this instance.

No message left. Just curious about who it is and I personally do not answer calls that I do not know but I return calls that leave a message. This call did not leave a message.

"Check Services" making fishing calls, apparently to find out personal information. Sounded very scammy. Woman was extremely antagonistic when I asked what the business name and address was.

I am supposed to be on a do not call list! When I called back thinking it might be important I got a RUDE receptionist who tried to shove me off quickly to a sales person. When I asked for a website to check them out before I would even agree to speak to a sales person she hung up on me. She was also barely intelligible.

VA Credit Union calling because they offered me a new loan by mail and was following up. Everybody wants my money : )