Who is calling or texting from 805-842-3869?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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This Number is calling from Simi Valley, California

Who Called Me From 805-842-3869?


Received a call from this company. Called them back, a recording answers and you can't understand what she says as the company name. Then she asks to enter your phone number to access your account. This is obviously a scam.


Received harassing calls from this number


This number is a well known scam originator. They use it to trick you into giving seamlessly innocent info like active cell numbers just by answering. They then bill the cell phone company for a service like lostmycellphone which is phony. Cell companies unless they are prepaid will then release the rest of your info to the billers (scam artist) they then have enough to hit you with fraudulent bills to your cell phone bills (unless you are smart and use a prepaid) and they also use the stolen info to commit full blown identity fraud many time from across the Mexican border. It is important to add that they harvest cell phone numbers from Craigslist and other .net market places.
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