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This Number is a wireless number calling from Lubbock, Texas

Who Called Me From 806-787-3000?


Calls from this number claiming to be Amazon.com asking to verify purchases. Amazon won't call you at home!


You're retarded. Where are they expected to call you if they have questions about a transaction? The bat phone?


This is in fact amazon confirming an order. I usually only place low dollar orders, but when you order over a thousand dollars they call you.


I answered the phone twice when this number called with the ID saying "unknown." The second call was from a 'supervisor." They said they were Amazon fraud section and wanted to confirm that I had made a purchase. They had my name and last 4 of a credit card. However, I went to the Amazon web site and worked my way through their "contact us" process to have Amazon call me directly. They did. They said they do not make phone calls, they had no knowledge of this number and if they suspect fraud, they would send us an email. I asked the Amazon person to do a google search with that number to show her that someone posted the number was Amazon. She did the search and said she would pass it along. I hope that she did. So----this number 806 787 3000 is a SCAM.

Manoj Bisht

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