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This Number is a land line number calling from W Harrison, Indiana

Who Called Me From 812-220-5066?


(812-220-5066)Total scam! Please type this number in your search engine and read the hundreds if not thousands of people who have been harassed by this entity. I had the same incident happen to me this evening, and as one mentioned above, they also called my younger brother who is a disabled vet. This angers me more than anything! He left me a message and was very frightened, not understanding about low life scums such as this harassing people. You all know how tough our world has become these days, so for someone such as this to add to the pain that many are enduring should be found, prosecuted, and serve jail time. If you research this number you will see hundreds if not thousands of complaints. I am unsure why this is continuing. I will also report this to my local authorities and to the National Disabled Veterans Association. Maybe if we all stand together we can stop this from happening, although we all know what a needle in a haystack that would be. You know what is even a more disturbing thought? Can you imagine how many elderly people are receiving these calls and being so very afraid? I know my elderly parents would be so upset. They are not savy to the ways of the internet nor all the scams that are occurring. Thank you guys for sharing and many prayers to you all.
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