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This Number is calling from Tampa, Florida

Who Called Me From 813-252-2163?


They call and hang up. Called them back from a different number and it said "This is Lenny" then hung up.


it keeps calling been calling for a couple of days but they never leave a message so i dont know who they are or what they want. When i answered there was no response.


I was called and no one spoke when I answered. I called back and there was silence and then they hung up.


this number keeps calling but doesn't leave a message. I called it back and the guy asked for someone in my house but I said they weren't home. they said it was about a job search the person was doing. sounds like a call center in the background.


I did a *67 and called them. A female voice answered and stated "did you get a call from us?" I could hear other voices in the background so it is a call center. I just hung up. I have received daily calls from this number for sometime now.


I only receuve a man voice


theybcall never leave a message, just keep calling, like 4-5 times daily, when i call back, there is no response
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