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This Number is a land line number calling from Plant City, Florida

Who Called Me From 813-305-7904?


they keep calling even though I ask them not too


received call nobody says anything?waisting my time? again baron


I don't know. I didn't answer but I was wondering who it was!


I always send unsaved numbers to voicemail and every time I send this number to voicemail, they call right back. So now I blocked this number from my phone.


Called this number back all was heard was human gbackground noise...grumbeling of voice


Got a call on the company cell phone this morning. He asked for "Ashley", and I said, "Excuse me?". He then asked "Mr. David?". I told him he had the wrong number and that it was a business line. He hung up...no apologies or explanations. (BTW- my name is not Ashley OR David)


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