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This Number is calling from Tampa, Florida

Who Called Me From 813-321-4140?


I kept getting calls from this number and always rejected it. Today I answered it and it was a big blessing for me and my father. It is a patient prescription assistance program. It will definitely benefit us for a small fee, we're now going to receieve our medications for no cost, other than the monthly membership fee. Which is still about 4x less than what my co-pays add up to! If this helps anyone wondering about this number, I hope you answer it! :)
4 years ago
Rafael (Con't):
"...it was a big blessing..."
4 years ago
It is a scam. Do not send money. You will not receive medication assistance as promised. Again, it is a scam.
4 years ago


Woman with Philippine accent called me at 11/12/2014 9:38 am saying Good afternoon. Mentioned something about prescription drug administration. When I asked how she got my number and if she was even in this country (given she thought it was the afternoon at 9:38 am), she hung up.


Called me three times since 4/6/2015. Answered the first time and it was some woman telling me I was selected to receive a free medical device. I told her she had the wrong number and hung up. Placed this number on my call blocker and I'm only notify the number keeps calling.
Tele Punker:
Unfortunately, these companies just keep changing numbers to get around call blockers...At this point, I've decided that the only way to fight these telemarketing scum is to engage them. I like to express interest in whatever they are hawking, talking slowly and asking softball questions about the product or service. I give them completely bogus information involving a loooong address that I have to slowly spell out, bogus CC#, email address, etc. In other words, waste as much of their time as possible. I NEVER hang up on them, but if I sense they are getting antsy, just before THEY hang up I try to get a mention of the NDNCR in. Great fun, great sport, and at this point, probably the only way to fight the remnant minority of shaky companies that have decided to ignore the NDNCR. HAVE FUN!!!
3 years ago


This number calls several times a week; when I answer, nothing... have never talked to a person from this number yet.


Received a phone call from this number, the first thing the women said, can you hear me. I said no solicitation on this phne. She hang up


called me today, just silence.......


Big scam people. Do not give any info. I said I was gov official on recorded line and they hung up.

n m r k

Keep calling - DO NOT CALL lines. Does anything in the government work?


Thus number calls frequentlly. If you call the number back they tell you the office us clpsed. I believe it is simply a scam


Scam medication calling me daily, finally blocked them


scam/advertising call. same experience as described above.
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