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This Number is calling from Plant City, Florida

Who Called Me From 813-398-0593?

Agent Smith

called several times...left no messages. call originated in plant city florida


Re'cd call on landline....caller said someone was trying to hack my computer.Said I had used their tech support back in 2013?.Said not to turn on my computer and in the same breath asked me to turn on computer so they could protect it from hacker.I lied and said I was @ computer and as he ( East Indian accent )was giving me instructions I put the phone down and continued to watch my TV program. I could hear him say eve'ry now and then "are you there?". He finally disconnected....now mind you the first caller ID said unknown. He called back on 813-398-0593 and said we must have been cut off. I explained that I am aware of "tech support" scams and told him I would report him to police if he called my home again and hung up. I used my cell phone to call the number showing and re'cd the message that the Magic Jack customer will only re'c calls from numbers that the Magic Jack customer had previously called and that in order to get a call through I have to contact the customer using the phone they had called me on and ask them to accept calls from the phone I was trying to reach them with. Can you say SCAM? And then follow it w/ SCUM!


I had computer troubles and was on the Microsoft site trying to find an answer. The guy (East Indian accent) called and said that he was from Microsoft. Before it was all over, they had taken possession of our computer, destroyed my external hard drive, Charged us over $200 for their service. My husband gave them his credit card info. When I asked about the credit card, I told him that I had a really bad feeling about the whole thing. I nagged until he went to the bank to change his credit card number. The lady at the bank said that they had already requested fund transfers. $600 to go to China, and $300 to Bangladesh. The money had not been sent yet because it was international banking and is usually delayed. She was able to cancel the requests for transfer of funds. These people have phone numbers all over the US. I don't know how they get phone numbers from Plant City, FL. I look up every unknown phone number and it usually has a list of complaints. I started using Call Block.
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