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This Number is a land line number calling from Altoona, Pennsylvania

Who Called Me From 814-201-6239?

Sick 'n Tired

This phone number has called twice in the last two days. Caller ID listed it as "Unknown." An internet search shows that it is coming from Altoona, PA. We do not answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers.


They are some kind of vehicle processing company calling me about a car that I no longer own. I told them to take my number off of their calling list and they hung up on me.


I saw it on the callerID when I got home from work, but no message. The area code listed was my local area code so I called the number. I got a recording saying the office was closed and to call back between 7am and 4pm Pacific time. The funny thing is I called at 3pm pacific time. Its a scam of some sort.


I just got a call also. It said "unknown" on caller ID but I answered because its my same area code. A guy with a very strong foreign accent (and seemed to not speak English well) asked for my husband, who was not home, then said he was calling on behalf of a "vehicle processing center". He asked for milage on my husbands SUV. I said I had no idea (and wasnt planning to answer even if I knew). He said he would call back. I tried calling the number and message said "our office is closed, call back M - F from 7am to 4pm pacific time. For a number with Pennsylvania area code?? Plus its 1pm here, so its within the time they allegedly should be "open". Definitely sounds like a scam.

DT Dave

Called @ 11:45 A.M. On my Verizon PREPAID Cellphone! [Missed CALL Log] SCAMMERS!!!!! Do Not Call Federal Registry IS On ALL Of My Phones. :(


Also got a call today 01/21/2014 from this number - Altoona Pa. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. Obviously spam.
The same number called my home this evening. Wanted to speak to my husband...the guy was foreign and there were a lot of voices in the back ground. He called around 6 pm .I hung up on him.
Called the number back and a recording said their office was closed.

5 years ago


I get calls at least once or twice a week. Never answer "unknown caller" but I do report each incident to the Do Not Call complaint site. May or not help but if they are caught up with, understand they could be subject to very stiff fine for each call. The site is "www.donotcall.gov"


As of last week, I've started receiving a call from this number about once per day. Usually ignored, but when I answered nobody was on the line. It shows up as Altoona, PA, but as one poster wrote if you call back it gives you a very generic message that does not identify the person or company, the office is now closed, and the hours in pacific time... for an EST phone number. I just blocked the number, so I guess I'll never know anymore than that.


How do I get them to stop calling


We have received numerous call from this number over the past week. The calls have occurred at times between Noon and 9:00PM. Call shows as "Unknown Caller." We do not answer.
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