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This Number is a land line number calling from Watseka, Illinois

Who Called Me From 815-785-0926?

Angel scott

They want me to wire money for a dress.


Wired me a check asking me to text this number with personal data.....pure scam


FedExed me a check with instructions to text once it arrived with my full name, amount of check, and check #
what was the sender name/title on the check you received?
2 years ago

Trent Williams

Told me to send name check number and amount


Received the check and a note to text this number (815-785-0926) with instructions once the check arrived. Got a text from 515-375-7336 claiming to want to purchase my tanning bed. Said they would send me a check then once I deposited into my account would have their haulers come pick up the tanning bed. Check was for more than tanning bed price and wanted me to return the extra money with his haulers. I played along knowing it was a scam they overnighted me the check now he is pushing for me to deposit so he can clean out my account I am sure. Was hoping I could turn this over to the police and they could maybe stop this person but evidently there is nothing they can do because out of their jurisdiction. It is a shame these people can get away with this. If they put half as much effort in working they would make an honest living.
Me too:
Same thing but with exercise equipment
2 years ago
I had the same experience. With a scooter I listed on Craigslist.
2 years ago


Same with me but a pair of shoes
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