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This Number is a land line number calling from Kansas City, Missouri

Who Called Me From 816-256-2034?


I started receiving calls from this number only days after getting my new cell phone. The caller does not leave voice mails, and when I tried calling back, I got a pre-recorded message stating that their voice mailbox "does not accept messages." The third time they called (on the same day!), I told the caller that I was on the federal Do Not Call list and that I would file a complaint if they called me again. The caller immediately hung up and I have had no calls from them since.


This number rings to "Direct Innovations."


They asked directly for me when I answered, then hung up


Got a call today at 1230 pm, ever since I started looking for work Ive been getting crazy calls. I am on the do not call list too
Interesting. I've been sending out resumes (which is the reason I'm picking up calls from numbers I don't know) and the person on the other end wanted to ask me questions so they could match me to the right education program. I told them I didn't want to go to school, that I have a master's degree, and she stated I must have signed up for information re: more schooling. I tol her to to call me anymore
4 years ago


I began receiving phone calls from this number last night. They called me every 15 minutes. I never picked up the phone


Avoid answering calls on your mobile from a # you do not recognize! A recent news story showed that if you answer, they can connect the call internationally


Agree with Kate as I read a similar article. AVOID PICKING UP CALLS from numbers not programmed into your phone.
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