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robert turner:

hi guy it Microsoft technical support helpline toll free number

a person stated he is a private.. and will leave legal docs at my door that doesnt require my signature.. come to my house if you want to..

it shows me that : Partners Credit inc.
peter falk:

this is microsoft toll free number

This phone number is a scam do not call it! If they do try to contact you report a claim through the FCC. The more people that file claims against these scam phone numbers the easier it will be to block them.

These guys are a phishing scam. CUREHosting.com have me this number to call for amazon tech help. They want you to log into a website and enter amazon credentials! Watch out!!

who called



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These people need to stop calling me at this time.and don't expect to receive anyone calls from this number.
Pamela Bailey:

These people needs to stop calling me.

The phone message was ID'd as coming from 713-332-9418 but the supposed Theresa Lewis wanted me to call 844-548-0900. Similar to Anon, she said after third attempt....blah, blah they would contact HR and so on. This seems to be a scam so I suggest you do not give the person any info. I think they are just fishing to see who is gullible enough to call back or believe their story, and then they start with the scam.


They would listen,then hangup

They kept calling

Who is Primus Medical?

805-418-5174 Apparently after the third attempt they are going to contact my payroll or HR dept. I am supposed to call Theresa Lewis at 844-548-0900 to update my address and contact information. She asked me to verify my last four of my SSN, and unwittingly I did. She said if I didn't pay a debt (that has been off my credit report for 2 years now, and settled) and comply that I was being served over the phone! She also told me I should go withdraw my money because she was going to put a block on my banking accounts! What the hell!!!???

Had a call today stating I was going to be served court papers on a debt that I have no remembrance of. I asked for proof and he said they mailed me something. I told him I haven't received anything. Very hateful individual and continued to talk over me. Could not give me any of the information I asked for.
James Petersen:

A recent credit card billing showed a charge of $39.99 and when I called the credit card company to dispute it, they indicated that there were 4 other charges in that amount as well. All were charged by the same company, but I had no record of buying anything from them. I am of the opinion that they are a publishing co. but that they just bill you for belonging and then the cost of the books would be extra? Use extreme care in releasing your credit card info. Even after my disputed item was resolved via the credit car company, another charge of the amount came in from a company with a different name? How many names and locations might they have?

Same as above have received daily calls that I ignore for about 2 weeks. only difference is today a man called and said he would be here between 3 and 5 to serve me the notice. I will update you all to let you know if he shows up.

robo call

I got a voicemail today from Jamila Anderson about having a complaint against me. When I called back, I spoke to 'Daniel" who wanted me to verify lots of info. When I refused and asked to speak to supervisor he said that there is no supervisor, just him. When I said that I had received no paperwork from them and that we could loop in my attorney, he became quite nasty and wanted the attorneys info. When I asked for his name and information, he would only state Daniel and basically hung up.

i need info about number

where is 844 area

Did not answer

Received a Travel Expo 2017 mailing after being called by this number. The mailing also includes this phone # - having done some quick research this is clearly a scam.

who is 844 856 8o57

Call center that works for "multiple vendors" Asian accented female - doesn't listen, argumentative - called because of charges that have been hitting my account for several months, but they deny having any information on me. AND MY BANK WONT REFUND because its happened for several months thus it MUST be a reaccuring charge I authorized! I'm out $1000 bucks ... other phone number associated with this is 844-965-7004 ... pulls up as TBEBEA outta TX on my account.

My safari crashed also and I called the number when calling it answered and said "Thank you for calling" (Who tf did I call first of all) then it connected me and they assumed I was using a phone and tired to get me to pay 149.99 to fix my iPad so while he was trying to send me over to security tech I hung up the whole sh*t sounded iffy

what called me

Safari was blocked so I called the number. An indian guy picked up asked for my Apple ID and said that someone was trying to hack into my iPad. I said okay how do you fix it? He stated that I had to pay 149.99 in order for a Tec to fix it. I asked could I go to the Apple Store and fix the problem he said no. I immediately knew it was a scam! He got pretty upset lol asked "so are you going to fix the problem or leave it for the hackers to hack" I politely said "I'll leave it for the hackers 😊"

My internet on my phone was blocked and this thing kept popping up saying all my pictures and data were being shared and that I needed to call this number to fix it, and I looked at the bottom and it said Apple.Inc and the top of the screen said Apple. So I called the number and some guy with an Indian accent answered and said I had to pay $149.00 to them immediately or my phone will completely shut down and not work or even turn on within an hour and a half or so and that someone was hacking it.I could hear other phone calls going off in the background and other people talking and I knew it wasn't legit so I told him that was bulls*** and hung up. I then went on my laptop and googled this number to see what came up, and I came across this lovely page. DON'T PAY THEM THE MONEY. Go in your settings and into Safari and clear your website and history data. You'll be able to use your internet again (Thank you everyone else who commented that or I would have been in panic mode had I not come across this page)

travel expo 2017 scam

i called 844-619-1816 three times today. once at 8am and i got a cellphone voice mail. 8:30am same. 9:00am got a lady who said she just got into the office and i need to "hold up a min". I nicely said to take her time. she asked my name and i provided it. she did not ask me to verify any information...in fact she states my whole SS# over the phone. i could of very well been the wrong person. there is state standard requirements that true collection agencies need to abide by...how would i know you say.......i work with a company that works with high end complaints that include CFPB,FDCPA,Lawsuits and AG. so when i asked the basic question as to who they were and who was the original creditor i was met with hostility, foul language, legal threats, and i dont know what i'm talking about. she advise me to google them. i advised her to google my company and to cease and desist all actions at this time and i would be filing a CFPB complaint or they can provide me 1. validation of debt 2. Authorization to collect letter 3. copy of contract or E-signature and 4. their physical address. she began to scream and told me F.U....well, i have filed that complaint and the call was recorded because well......that's my job...to catch scammers....
Sandee russell:

Told me they are debiting my account then blocked me from calling back o did three way allwoth my bank and. Ow I'm. It listed anywjere