Who is calling or texting from 844-234-7642?
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Who Called Me From 844-234-7642?


Scam debt collector calling about someone who doesn't even live at the address and phone number they asked about. A legitimate debt collector will send a paper out regarding what they believe you owe not just over the phone. Don't do business over the phone.........do it via registered mail and legitimate debt practices. They they also use 844-234-7634, 844-234-7641, 844-234-7643, 844-234-7646. What they do is buy blocks of these numbers to do their trade and steal your information when they call you about a non valid debt. Its a big time scam and its time government step in and put these clowns in jail.


they have been calling my phone and leaving voicemails. pkease get these people in jail
Did they call and say they're a private courier and had sealed documents or some sh*t
3 years ago
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