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Who Called Me From 844-666-1375?


they block internet saying a breach in security and give us obligation to call them for correction


from unknown a message saying I have virus`s and to call them for help.!!


Got a virus message and told to call. Called and sounded "fishy" in background. Hung up when they wanted access to my computer


Said I had a virus and to call. I called and they wanted to access my computer, they got mad when I said no they were scamming. They keep calling me and trying to convince me to let them help. The number comes up 9999 on my cell when they call. Just seems fishy I would stay clear of them.


this came up as a security breach on my computer with a screechy voice saying i needed to call this number. icould not get off the screen and ended up shutting my computer off and then running a boot time virus scanner.


placed viris warning on my computer with number to call which I called. I pressed command and safari and the computer cleared and is functioning normally. I told them this was a scam and hung up.
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