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Who Called Me From 844-775-8380?


Scam artists claiming to be Microsoft technicians
Some kind of security alert popped up on my computer telling me not to shut it down but instead to call this one 800-number so I called it and the guy convince me to give him a remote access to my computer which fortunately for me didn't matter because there was nothing on the computer yet but then he asked if it was my main computer and he asked if I was the computer administrator and if I did online banking and in small talk he asked what I did for a living. he went on to say that he could fix all the problems with the computer after he went through the whole operating system remotely and showed me a bunch of things and told me that there were five hackers on my computer. but it was going to cost me some money and then he started trying to get personal information from me, so all of that mix with his broken English and foreign accent I decided to hang up and look into it and then I unplug the Internet and I'm hoping that I didn't get compromise I recommend you do the same!
3 years ago


Some kind of security popped up on my screen telling me my computer was infected with a virus also hackers were on my computer and that I needed to have it cleaned right away or else it was going to break down and all of my private information was being hacked Dumb me, I said alright, a foreign accent, broken English etc. although it seems that they did clean it up, the cost was $249.50 and not thinking I agreed. I no doubt could have had it done by using a company who regular pops up on the computer. I seem to learn the hard way,They said that they were Microsoft technicians and I believed it.
Yes i also had services with them. every time if I have any issue i call them and they fix my computer. These guys are perfect in computers.
2 years ago


Same scam here,took away the error message ( that they no doubt they put up there. Paid by CC so they allredy have that info, so I just closed out the card. I hope this takes care of the problem!
The same thing happened to my computer, i think they are scammers.
They make a problem so you have to spend for them to fix it.
cancel cc.

2 years ago
I had services from the same company. They are the perfect technicians and they know how to work on the computers perfectly. I have paid 450$ to them for lifetime services and now i would like to take the same services for my another computer as well.
2 years ago
Peggy wilson:
when i call that company first time i think this was scam. But when i took the services from them i is working good or the number which is provided by them when i have the problem again i call on that number they fix my computer for free of cost.The guys are polite and well behaved with the customers. I like the services.
2 years ago
I think these companies put a virus on your computer to make money!!!!! Just had the same thing happen and they said my virus software couldn't fix it !!
2 years ago


My husband got an email from these people after his email had been hacked. He went ahead and had them fix the problem (which they did) and paid for life time support t0 the tune of $800.00 and installed Malwarebytes on it (a $70.00 programe). They looked at my computer and showed me some virus stuff and charaged $199.00 to fix it and installed Avast on my computer. They were very pushy about getting us to buy support and virus protection. They did seem to solve our problems but I think they just used Malwarebytes to do it. I'm really not sure they are scammers or if they are just looking for business for which they peform a service even they it is grossly over priced.


I live in NC. He said he is in NC altho he is foreign and is a mocrosoft tech to remove the virus and fix all.. Wanted my credit card to remove the Zeus virus ($300) which steals all my info. I refused to give KEVIN my card. He got testy. I later called microsoft and learned this is a scam. He even took a picture of me while he had control of my PC (I, like a fool!). Watch out!
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