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This Number is a land line number calling from Panama City, Florida

Who Called Me From 850-785-9004?


I received a call from this number. The caller (with Indian accent) said they had been receiving numerous reports of errors from my computer. I strung him along as he directed me to the event viewer. He asked me how many messages I see there. I told him there was only one and it told me that a caller was trying to lead me into trouble. He then said, "I can see that you are a bloody mother f***er" and hung up. He then called right back and uttered more profanities. I hung up. He called back several more times and I hung up immediately every time.
A friend got one of these calls and they talked him through giving remote access. They then proceeded to download a program that disabled his computer and displayed a message that said he needed to pay a $200 license fee to get the computer operational again. This is extortion, plain and simple.


SCAMMER! Wants access to lock you out of your computer. DO NOT GIVE INFORMATION about your computer or allow. If you say you do not have a computer, he will begin to curse you.



Caller hung up when I said I reported their number. Number is traced to Derrick Phillips on Cortez St. in Youngstown, FL. 32401


I found this number belongs to
Derick Phillips
6922 Cortez St.
Youngstown, FL. 32466
Also listed zip code as 32401


Caller hung up, didn't leave message


I've gotten several calls from 850-785-9004. I pickup, say hello... can tell it's a telemarketer so I just sit on the line till they hang up. If I call back that number says its not a working number? -incoming calls from Panama city


This a**hole is Derrick Phillips
6922 Cortez St, Youngstown, FL 32466

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