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Who Called Me From 855-206-8406?

RP Philips

This number calls me and I answer it calls me by name and said that my payment was due 10 days ago, and wanted their payment now! Would not tell me who wanted the payment, but told me I could hold and someone would take my payment. I don't think so. I have paid all I owe for the month and I am not paying anything to anyone who ups and calls me from some toll free number and give them my bank info. This place needs to be took down ASAP!!


Said I own them money I don't now who they are


I am getting the exact same calls, im trying to track them down, gonna look at email headers and see if i can find any info there, ill let you know if I find anything.


getting the same call with a voice message saying I owe them money. They provided a website www.ezmedinfo.com.


Saying I owe money 10 days ago to adr 1 pz I don't know what that is or who getting very annoying when I received calls at work and while at school.


Same thing, say I owe them money


It's a billing company. Mine was actually from a worker's comp incident where I had to get an x-ray, so it's probably legit, but you may need to call the actual company where they say you owe money to make sure it's still owed.


It's a billing service for radiology services. I called them back, hit 0 for customer service rep. She was very friendly and provided me with additional details I needed.


Not sure if they legit say I owe money and I can pay at www.mydotbill.com and something about Adri I’m not sure if that right but that’s what it sounds like they are saying.I can’t say the bill is from a familiar source. I’m not totally confident that they are legit.


They dont talk to you they just hang up cant understand what they are saying
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