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Who Called Me From 855-217-0914?

Ronald Ice

This number along with (855) 307-3146 calls my cell phone practically every day. I have yet to respond because of possible 'reverse' charges which may apply to my billing.
USA Taxpayer:
You can afford your cell phone but not pay back your student loans? Sad.
5 years ago


Someone calling herself 'Regina' called my mom's house trying to get my cell number. Mom didn't fall for it. I called this number back and it belongs to Premier Credit, a collection agency for student loans.
USA Taxpayer:
I wish your mom did 'fall' for it. It's because of selfish individuals like you that fail to repay their loans that make mine harder and more expensive to get. Pay your bills. Pathetic.
5 years ago


If you make your monthly loan installment payments you won't get phone calls. Or even arrangements to make smaller monthly payments which could have been done through the Department of Education when you all defaulted on your loans. Make the call....or it will haunt you forever until you.
USA Taxpayer:
Amen. They had many choices and options. It's pathetic.
5 years ago

Nicole Watson

Answer the phone and pay ur loans or u'll end up with a garnishment like me...Wish I'd known I could pay $5 a month


My dad got a phone call from here...he's retired and has no student loans. So not sure this is all legit.


Whoever called from this phone number, actually spoke on my answer machine. I did not pick up the phone. She said her name was - sounded like Lonn or Lorn (or something like that), and said for me to return the call at my earliest convenient, refer to an 8 digit "reference number", and that she was calling for info on the whereabouts of someone I might know. Too bizarre. I WISH TELEMARKETING CALLS WOULD QUIT, STOP, CEASE
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