alex said:

just the call, no message


dutch said:

when i answered they hung up


Alex said:

repeated calls, nobody speaking, complete silence. Then hung up.


tim said:

i called back and its FORD if you looking for a car then that,s who called you


CHAD said:

They called but complete silence when I said, "hello."


Anonymous said:

03/26/2014, 09:59 AM EST
I did not answer as I ran up the stairway to look for my cell phone in the closet (still in my pant's pocket,)
Caller: Telemarketer?

Yes, someone already said DARCARS of Silver Spring, MD. I can see the reason they called.

I was helping friends successfully purchased a car from them two weeks ago. I was one of the people listed for "REFERENCE", the silly kind of this type of "marketing practice" that I had never seen at many other places nearby (like Antwerpen Toyota, Antwerpten Honda, Norris Nissan West, etc.)

There are a lot of "SPOOFING" going on in this world. That is, if they are proven of FAKING ID for caller ID display because of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) subscriptions. Possibly VOIP allows one to prescribe what to display on CallerID of phones or display devices, and thus purposely "outsmarting" many unsuspecting users/owners of phones to answer them (as intended.)

03/26/14 10:28 AM EST
P.S.: Moreover, when I requested an Internet price quote I must have a phone number listed in This call is now basically "two weeks overdue",or is it just a call during a "slow time", because it is a cold day after a minor snow storm just passed by.


Lisa said:

I have been harassed with these incessant calls repeatedly----I do not answer the phone as my private phone number is only given to family and friends----I am angry and that this is a violation of my privacy as a citizen. I would love to be able to press charges against whoever keeps calling me from this number ---waking me up when I am sleeping - disturbing me in the evening. I've had it.


Tina said:

They called I answered the first call and there was no response


Pete said:

Received two calls so far. If they do not leave message I do not call back.


swalker said:

Just had call wanting bank and account number so they could send me money. Told them to send me a check in the mail. Their response was they would send it to PayPal

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