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Who Called Me From 855-298-4477?


Appears as a pop-up telling you your computer has been comprimised(hacked). They offer to FIX the problem. If you ask questions they continually repeat that you called them for help--they did not call you. I asked to speak to an American and was told there were no Americans at that location which was supposed to be in California. To remove pop-up hit flag key on the left and then the number 3.


They do a lot of talking that the average person doesn't understand and then they will fix you computer for 179.00 dollars. I told him he was crazy and I wish I hand of called


Spouse Got the popup; called "the Microsoft" number listed. I asked them who they were. Said Microsoft company help. Told to turn off tablet for 30-60 minutes ab d it should be okay. Website spouse was trying to access was wal.com


My elderly mom called the number on the pop up and they said she had a virus. He helped her for 30 minutes and offered her a security program for $2,000 for 1 year, when she refused he brought it down to $699, when she refused again, he "got a manager's approval" and offered it to her for $149 a year. Stay away from these people and do not give them any money or personal information.
Same thing happened to me with the popup. The number I called from the popup is 1-855-298-4497. Was told they were Microsoft tech support.Advised the techyogi company i deal with and paid neve installed malaware anti virus.Microsoft or whoever might be scaming me charged me and said they deleted malaware software. I then called TechYogi back and they said they did install malaware. They said the Mivcrosoft # was a scam to get more money
3 years ago


Was surfing the web and decided to check out Walmart and I then had a pop up saying I encountered a Virus and to contact Microsoft toll free at 855-298-4477 I could not get rid of the pop up so I restarted my computer and then ran my virus detection and Malware neither of them said I had a virus. (I did NOT call the number but did a search on the number and found this site) I am happy to find that it is a hoax and not happy about them using a walmart search to try and scam you.
Adding to my comments above.I wish I had researched that 855-298-4477 number before I got taken. Tech Yogi is trying to help me out since I paid them in March.
3 years ago
dispute the charge honey! screw them
3 years ago


Got sameness message. When I asked if they work for Microsoft stated they are hired be micro soft they ate nor just a scam turned computer off waited a while got back into internet


Ditto to all the above. Claimed to block my msn access unless I called. I restarted the computer, update McCaffe, and never looked back.


I was doing my regular computer stuff, when all of a sudden I got a pop up saying , my computer has been locked, and I needed to call this # to help me fix it, At first I called "normal reaction" , but the more he was just trying to take control of my computer , I would keep saying this doesn't seem right. I don't kno you , and your gaining access to my whole computer. the more I asked him , the more he got angry and insulted me, He asked me if I was educated and if I could type. The nerve of this man being he couldn't even talk English that great he was insulting me. So I let him go on and on and on, they will talk your ear off, and I was googling him, then I started mentioning the "scam" he got so angry threatened to hang up on me like lol , I said so how much would it be to help me he kept saying there was no charge but insisting he get into my computer and gain access. I never gave my # when I hung up they kept calling me back . rude , mean, nasty men. DO NOT TRUST THEM, these are the same men that call u out of the blue saying they are from Microsoft and you have a virus, yet your not even on your computer, hell you can be walking down the street and they will just call u and say you have a virus on your computer , we need to help u. I always hung up on them however this looked real as it popped up on my screen, all I did was restart my computer and it was fine, be careful pple.


I received the same pop up, called and he actually got access to my computer, found it strange then hung up and blocked the access. I restarted the computer and ran my internet security and problem solved. Being that he got assess to my computer, should I be concerned?


I got the same thing only worse. I was threatened, coerced, bullied, given ultimatums. He finished by taking over my computer, asked me didn't I want a computer, showed me a photo of my house to frighten me, and locked me out with a password.
The guy po'd me by showing me my own house! I slammed my phone down on him. I'm reporting this to ANONYMOUS because he also said things about Muslims, ISIS, and Alqaida!
2 years ago
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