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Who Called Me From 855-306-1844?


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Who is this


This person called in response to a vehicle ad we have on Kijiji. He said he was from a company that buys cars for other companies but didn't give too much detail. Wasn't sure whether to trust it or not.
Same for me, when asked where they were based he hung up!!!!
1 year ago

Dustin Gordon

I’m selling my truck on Kijiji and this person whom called from this number said he’s a new and used car dealership and stumbled upon my ad. He then asked me if I’d be willing to trade up on a new vehicle. I said no and hung up.
Too many scams going on and I don’t the time or the money to get scammed today


same kijiji car ad they were asking for 495 that gets refunded. And they also said i would get the car sold for 500 over the asking price. thats when i knew it was bullsh*t
Put my car on kijiji. Three different calls, all the same, Buy your car above asking. This number was the "$500 above asking. Just give me your credit card # for the $495 deposit". Didn't like it when she called back and I said no thanks, swore at me and hung up.
1 year ago
Same thing happened to me! hung up on me when I called them out on it. Will be reporting to RCMP anti-fraud divison. I can't believe these guys have been in operation for at least 5 months now!
1 year ago


Ya they claim to be from "Ultimate Used Cars" and they ask for a 500 dollar payment to sell the car, and then they will process the transaction and pay you later. its 100% a scam. DO NOT TRUST THEM OR GIVE THEM ANY INFO. I told them I dont want it and its a scam and they said "shut up this isnt a scam"


Scam. Www.ultimateusedcars.com shady as f**k
Its ultimateusedautos they got me or $495 huge scam
1 year ago
Did you pay the $495?
1 year ago


Have a truck advertised on Kijij and a man called saying he has two clients interested in my vehicle one in SWift Current and one in Val Marie, Sask. Said something about $500 down payment to sell my truck and asked for my visa card number. this is when i hung up.
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