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Who Called Me From 855-324-7481?


FL Company "Credit Card Services" wanting me to provide personal info to their Fax #


What's the address
PO Box 551617 Jacksonville, FL:
Letter doesnt havea card compnay name oly cardholder services. Same here. Requesting information to fax in -checking with my card companies so far no one has sent me anything and my accounts are in good standing. Taking letters (i got 2) to post office because scammers are using federal mailing system to potentially fraud people.
1 year ago
Same thing happened to me! I called and checked my cards this is a scam. Sometimes you WILL need to verify your info(license or as card) for check cards such as from an employer or prepaid cards but the companies will send you a letter with their name on it, the last 4 digits of your card and a number you can call and they will make it known whom is requesting the info. If there is no card company name or phone number on the letter or email it is a scam! Be careful people please. It is very frustrating to have card issues I know how it is but it is not worth risking identity theft issues. Be safe and God bless!
3 months ago


Get a letter saying during a recent audit,they discover their information is insuffient


I also got this letter stating I needed to send my personal info. Same fax number also and not stating what card.SCAM DO NOT SEND INFO REPEAT DO NOT SEND INFO......


I got the exact same letter. It is a scam!! Even the letter look is phone!! Do not send anything!


My daughter cant get paid on her pay card and they said she had to send in her dl and ssn what do i do?
Don’t believe this. It is a scam. Have your daughter call her card company to verify this is a scam. It was for me.
1 month ago
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