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Who Called Me From 855-339-4039?


who are these people? Calling my friends....looking for me? I have NO debts....


I just go the same kind of message just 3hrs ago.


Called from this number, left a voice message and said that if I didnt call back within 72 hours they would file a court case against me. Evem left a docket # for me to refer to. I have no bad debt, and not sure how they got my unpublished cell #, but they did have my correct name. A very scary call...from other sites I have read about this phone #, they phish for your info. If you question them in return, they do not answer. Do not give them info and report the call to the FTC or local police.


I just got this msg from Michelle Montoya saying she's from the law offices of United National Arbitration with a docket number letting me know they are filing charges against me with my local county clerk. HOW DID THEY GET MY INFO?! Freaked me out for a minute, so if this is joke, laughs over! Glad I can breathe again and get back to work. Seriously too busy for this. Thank you to those that posted so I know it is indeed a scam!!


Ms. hart from this Bogus United National Arbitration is harassing my inlaws and my husbands friends! I pulled their number right up and they are scammers and phish for info. I called her back and directlyand in no other certain terms that I am filing a complaint with the FTC. She suddenly got real nice and I didn't wait to here her reason for calling. I will follow through with this complaint!
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