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Who Called Me From 855-350-2509?


They say that they are calling from the Department of Labor Services...there is no such department...ridiculous!


Threaten me with criminal action and said they were filing in court and wanted to serve me legal papers. Said I owed thousands of dollars and wanted to set up a one time payment. And would cut what I owe in half. I OWE NO ONE ANY SUCH MONEY. Have good credit


Just got a call from this number and a woman, Laura Stone, from the Department of Criminal Services, wanting to call the Plaintiffs office. The message ends by her saying I have now been notified. Scam scam scam scam..


They are a scam and don't give them any money I am reporting them to the AG offices and police dept scams unit


called and asked to speak to Lonnie. Then stated if I'm not the defendant he has the wrong number!
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