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Who Called Me From 855-350-6555?


This was a scam call asking for an owner or manager; he does not even know what the company does. He makes it sound like he is with the Federal Government for labor law compliance records update. At least if these idiots call they should sound like a government employee and be professional. They sound like a scam and they are a scam. Don't allow them to bully you into disclosing any information as they are just trying to sell something of no value. Their website is not even an active website. Tell them to go get a real job.


We are getting multiple calls from Nationwide Compliance about labor law posting. We have current labor laws posted with the same service they are offering for less than a quarter of the price they want. Shop around there are much better offer out there.


i just got a call from this number, a guy asked, is **** the GM? by reading the comments above, i just start to regret that i said yes.
he asked if he can talk with the manager, i told him manager was not available, then he said, he would like to call back in half hour.
the more i think about it, the more it likes a scam. just be careful.


I just got a call from them today - and I was already onto the 'scam.' I don't think I personally would call it a scam - but definitely a SALES CALL. I believe the company sells the laminated posters to companies that we are supposted to have posted within our businesses (OSHA, minimum wage rates, etc). I just told him that we were already compliant and to please take me off the sales list. (fingers crossed!)
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