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Who Called Me From 855-373-7539?


got card in mail 100$ Walmart card they want me to call and claim


Got card claiming a gift reward for Wal-Mart or Target for $100. However, no name or company name listed. When trying to look up phone number it comes back as non-existent.


They start out wanting $1.95 processing fee for their $100 WalMart 'gift'. When I pressed the girl about paying for a 'gift', she explained that the post card never said FREE. She claimed to be working in Florida, but had a eastern European accent. When I accused her of working a scam wanting money for a 'gift', she hung up. She had mentioned earlier about other money saving programs, but since she hung up over the $1.95 processing fee, I don't know what else she was selling.


Got postcard in mail that is blatant scam. States "Great News! You are eligible to receive $100 in gift savings good at Walmart or Target!"

Let's dissect. "you are eligible." That's a way to skirt the law. Eligible does not = guarantee.

"Gift Savings." What the ---- blink is this double talk? It sounds like you got to spend money to get a savings.

What I don't like is how the US mail over the past decade is the method of choice for scam artists to target senior citizens. What irks me is I did not submit a forwarding with the post office because the last I am bombarded with advertising and scammer's mail. After many months, I had to put in a forward and I get this scam post card address to me at my address. Thanks Post Master.

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