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Who Called Me From 855-375-7048?


Citibank credit card fraud. Beware!!!!
called up citicorp and they don't have this "customer service number" in the records so beware....it's a fishing scheme even though the letter looks very official.
2 years ago
855-375-7048 is a legit number. While it is not CitiBank's customer service number, it is the number to their fraud department.
1 year ago


I called the number. Difficult to tell if it's legit. They asked for a security password which I did not give them. They were not able to find the suspicious activity mentioned on the letter. My gut feeling is that it's a phishing scheme to get security password for the account.
Any time a person applies for the card, the customer creates a security password. When the customer calls CitiBank regarding account information, the password is requested by CitiBank for security purposes.
1 year ago
It's not a legit number. The legit number is on the back of your citibank card. Elaine is a shill for the scammers.
1 year ago


This is a scam. Don't listen to Elaine. I got this number via voicemail from a call from FL, 904.954.1207. A very well-spoken man said to call this number, or the number on the back of my card. Only call the number on the back of your card. Don't call back numbers you don't know giving them your credit card and secret passwords.
If they call you, they don't need the security password.
1 year ago


We received two letters saying we need to call 855-375-7048 because of potentially suspicious activity on our account. We had only one transaction, and it was at our gas station. It is suspicious that they are suspicious of one transaction for less than $40. Letter says they tried to call us but we did not get phone calls.
Hi to everyone - I called the customer service number (855-375-0617) and explained these letters and our concerns. Whew - it IS legitimate. I traveled to another state and used my credit card, which flagged their suspicion. All is well, relax everyone.
1 year ago


It's a legit Citi #
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