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Who Called Me From 855-399-5043?




Asked for personal information claiming that he's from Samtel from Presidence choice Financial Institution


Asked for personal information claiming that he's from Samtel from Presidence choice Financial Institution. I believe they are telemarketers
I got the same call with the same content! I felt that's a machine not a person!
1 week ago


Asked for personal information and said they are calling from samtel on behalf of pc financial for credit alert. I called that number back. The welcome recorded message was the same voice as the guy who called me. I also called the pc financial and they said this is not the authorized number from pc financial and we wouldn’t ask for your personal information if calling you! So it’s a SCAM!


Not a scam! PC Financial just confirmed everything the dude said on the phone when I called them.


Someone said his name is Andrean Baker calling on behalf of pc financial. This is a scam. They fish for your information and hope to speak to you but they want you to confirm your name. Don't say yes because they can use that confirmation to steal your identity


called twice today. did not answer

Close call

They are scammers. I fell for it and then they got into my account by calling in and changed my job title and increased my pay amount so they could have my limit increased. Somehow they changed my name and address. This all done before the phone call as he advised me to cancel my credit card for safety reasons this way the new card would be sent to them in their name. Thank goodness I have the Holy Spirit to help me (that's why He's called the Helper) and told me to quickly get online and check. I was able to change everything back and change my password before I called my credit card company.Two weeks later I got a letter in the mail from another CC company denying me a CC I never signed up for. I then called Equifax to stop all future CC applications for the next 5 yrs without first contacting me. I also put in a police report at the station. Also, the address they used was for a house that was for sale 3 days drive away. I called the realtor and let them know to check on any other suspicious mail. If you get a call from anyone 1) Hang up 2) Call the number that you have for them on your card or in your files. My latest incoming scam was someone sending me an email using my mothers first and last name. The Bible talks about the Last Days in Matthew 24:12 "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold."


I called PC Financial to confirm this number and they couldn't. It appears that someone is using this number to imitate a legit third party. This number is very likely a scammer's number.
In my experience the caller was very persuasive but a little pushy when it came to asking for a date of birth. That's when the alarm bells went off.

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