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Who Called Me From 855-482-8037?


Says it ben conner with direct services courier and he is going to serve legal papers or I can call 855-482-8037 to stop orders.....
Did u do a little investigation on them if so r they scammers cuz I got the same call
3 years ago


I got the same call do u know if they r scammers they said I took a loan out in 2011 and the co is alliance I don't ever recall of taking out a loan nor do I ever remember hearing about such co and if in fact I did y r they trying to go after me now when it's been 4 yrs ago pleases I need someone to check these people out


Atlantic Processing Group - stated I needed to contact them about legal papers or they would take action (or something like that). I called back and got a very NOISY room full of folks on the phone - sounded like a ghetto woman on the phone and wouldn't give me any info then hung up.
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