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Who Called Me From 855-560-1411?


I have also been called by this number, but I never answered the call. I did a number check over the internet and came across several responses to this number and similar numbers to 855 - 560 - 14xx.

I contacted RBC directly and this is the information given to me by an RBC manager:

1. This is not one of their numbers. RBC numbers are posted on their website.

2. They do use automated messaging and the automated message will leave a message on your voice mail.

3. RBC uses 1 - 800 - xxx - xxxx numbers not 1 - 855 - xxx - xxxx

They also provided the following information:

Your reporting of these fraudulent calls are important, and we would kindly ask that you contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) to report these calls by one of the following methods:

· phone at:

- 1-888-495-8501 (Toll Free)
- 1-705-495-8501 (Overseas and Local)

· fax at 1-888-654-9426 (Toll Free)
· mail at Box 686, North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8J8
· email at info@antifraudcentre.ca.

After reading several blogs on various websites, the suspicious numbers use variations of:

855 - 560 - 14xx

Be vigalent and never give personal information out to anyone. If you are not sure, then contact your bank through a known number and check.to see if the number is legitimate. If you talk to a live person on the other end then try to get as much information as possible such as full name (get them to spell it out), a return contact number, employee number, where they are calling from (city, province/state, country, street address, email information, etc.) Tell them you will call back, then check with your bank. If information does not match up, contact the authorities.

SCAM's come in all types, check out what happened with yahoo when the email system got hacked.
I have pursued this further.

I contacted Telus, my service provider. They said there is nothing they can do to prevent incoming calls.

The only way to charge the "Fraudster" is if the "SCAMMER" lives in Canada. Most often the calls are generated from overseas and there is no way to charge and prosecute.

Telus suggested searching "Phonebusters RCMP" on google which brings you to the government website as posted in my previous message. I have already sent a message to this department.

After reading posts on this and other forums, the SCAM is to badger people into paying a "False Debt". Some people have paid this "False Debt"


This number has called me three times within a 3 hour time period on my cell phone and my home phone! I know they are not RBC because I never gave them my cell phone number. Calling me that many times is harassment plain and simply!
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